Liquid Latex

Liquid latex. A project on which Tensive still is working. The goal of the project is to create a versatile portfolio. As there are always models willing to participate with the Liquid Latex project, but are not familiair with its concepts, the text below will answer a few of the frequently asked questions about Liquid Latex.

What is liquid latex?

- Officialy a body paint, it just behaves different. Technically, it is a natural product gathered from trees with some added chemicals (ammonia, sulphur and colour pigments). Those chemicals avoid the latex to become in a solid state; they keep the latex liquid. Although it is designed to be applied on the skin, it should not be used on persons with a (skin) allergy to ammonia and/or sulphur.

How does a liquid latex session look like?

- A liquid latex session is fun, but time consuming. You'll be occupied for a whole day, as a session can generally take from 4 to 9 hours. At the start of the session, the model will first have some oil applied on her skin to ease the application of the liquid latex. After that, the liquid latex will be applied on the body. It will be done in multiple layers and in between each layer has to dry for about 10 - 15 minutes. One layer is too transparent. Normally, about 8 layers will do. Finally some make-up will be applied and the shoot will be done (the shoot itself takes about an hour, most of the time). After the shoot you can easily remove the liquid latex.

Do you have some good tips?

- Sure do! First, you will be nude when applying the liquid latex, so don't wear any tight clothes that leave marks on your skin! Second, don't wear expensive clothes. When working with liquid latex, there is always spilled a bit. When liquid latex is spilled on textile (clothes), you won't be able to get it out ever again!

Who can participate?

- Every woman that's up for it. I'm not bound to ages (so young or old, always welcome) or any physical aspects (slim and plus sized models are always welcome, too).

How can I participate?

- Drop me a mail or use the form on the contact page. You can find my email also on the contact page.