About the photographer

In 2005 he started with model photography and after a few years he found his way to the artistic scenery. With a growing interest for surrealistic concepts, he became involved with the Dark Art styles.
Today his vision is mainly focussed on creating images that merge sensuality, mystics and surrealism into one entity.

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Conditions and Agreements

Working together is great, but there are some conditions and agreements you have to reckon with, when working with me. There are not much rules, but I am strict nonetheless about them.

18+ models only!
Every shoot containing any form of (implied) nudity is only accessible for models from 18 years and older.

No fur allowed!
It is okay if models want to bring along props or cloths for certain theme based shoots, but using fur is just out of the question.

No refund of travelling expenses!
If you are low on budget then it might be possible to work on your location (only if the travelling distance is acceptable and with mutual interest of working with you).

No escorts at local studio
When working at public locations outdoors I don't mind if the model brings along an escort. But in my studio/workspace I only allow the people that actually need to be there. So there won't be room for escort.
Personally, I think bringing an escort is a bad case anyway. It might make you look like an inexperienced amateur. Just use references, connections and most important of all: your common sense :-). If you don't feel at ease then please don't request a collaboration.

Be patient!
Most of the time it takes about 4 - 8 weeks (depending on project and theme) to get the photo results ready. You'll get 8 - 10 photos (normally, that is) and of course, all high resolution formats (along with web formats).